Life: Distractions

I was sitting down at Suntec Convention Centre Starbucks mapping out his goals for the years. It was supposedly New Year’s resolutions. But I don’t believe in such thing, cuz resolutions are easier to break than goals and targets… In life, there are always distractions, so I listed them down:


MP3? GAMES (I am referring to computer and online games)? INTERNET? VIDEOS (Note: Youtube)? Previously, my distractions would be manga and anime (still do, but they take up less than 1 hour each week), friends (who distracts me from studying), choir (for taking up much of my time) and many others.

So how did computer related stuff got onto the list this time?

MP3 – I realised if I spend my time worrying what songs to put into my MP3 player or handphone, lots of time will be wasted looking through my library and the Internet, if there is a need. And every time I max out the capacity on my player, I spend time worrying if I should get another player with bigger space.

Games – I play a lot. Mafia Wars alone can take me close to an hour each day. Shattered Galaxy another 3 hours. Enough said.

Internet – Using Internet to do research and stuff are OK. At least I am doing work, right? But I am using the Internet mostly to Plurk, view articles provided by fellow Plurkers, Facebook, blog. Where got work?

Videos – Ah.. Yes, videos. I am a frequent user of Youtube. And I am listening to a piano cover of Coldplay’s Clocks streamed on the said site while I am typing this sentence out. Every time I enter Youtube via my desktop, I search for classical, instrumental, or contemporary pieces. In camp, I view 射雕英雄传 (2008 version) to pass time.

Distracted enough? I think so.

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