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  • Review: The Internet’s Own Boy

    Review: The Internet’s Own Boy

    Aaron Swartz committed suicide on 11 January 2013 after nearly two years of being under pressure from prosecutors over his frenzy of downloading JSTOR articles in an automated fashion. During his short life of 26 years, Aaron had contributed much to the Internet. He helped to author RSS 1.0 specifications, authored the RFC for RDF+XML…

  • CinemaSins on YouTube

    CinemaSins on YouTube

    I was watching a commercial by Audi featuring the two Spocks. Note the lens flare and references to The Hobbit and Star Trek (both old and new). And then a random video thumbnail caught my eye and I clicked on it. What came next was expected. I watched one video and another for quite a…

  • Here Is How A Rumoured £1m Engagement Proposal Looks Like

    Here Is How A Rumoured £1m Engagement Proposal Looks Like

    Often we see wedding videos of how a couple comes together. Often we watch videos on how guys proposed to their girlfriends. They are mostly creative, engaged friends and relatives to aid them in their pursuit of love and happiness.  Now here is a crazy video of one engagement. Backed by studded violin, harp, laser…