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  • Shifting to Digitalocean VPS

    Shifting to Digitalocean VPS

    For the past couple of years, this site has been on Vodien shared hosting package. Not that there is an actual need to move, but I had to try out HHVM with WordPress when it was announced that WordPress 3.9 is compatible with HHVM. HHVM is developed by Facebook to optimise their website’s operations. It…

  • I had friends I never knew I had

    I had friends I never knew I had

    I am an active user on Facebook. There was a number that was bugging me: 1,740 friends. Facebook used to have an upper limit of 1,000 friends, and now 5,000. But truely, how many of these friends do one actively maintained relationships with? Robin Dubar suggested 150. However, there are mechanisms to cope with expanding…

  • Facebook adds stickers to chat on desktop

    Facebook adds stickers to chat on desktop

    For quite sometime, Facebook has stickers on the Messenger app on iOS and Android. So while the mobile users spamming away stickers in their chats (like me, no less), the desktop users watched in envy as the stickers are posted up on their chats. Facebook just enabled the stickers functionality (for me and a few batches…