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  • Project Reach Causathon

    Project Reach Causathon

    Once again, Daphne of XPR has invited me to partake in another event. This time, it is one of a social cause, or rather, social causes. Causathon is a portmanteau of ’cause’ and ‘marathon’ to signify that the race for cause is one long journey. Our destination is World Peace. There are 85 SMa students […]

  • Life: Distractions

    I was sitting down at Suntec Convention Centre Starbucks mapping out his goals for the years. It was supposedly New Year’s resolutions. But I don’t believe in such thing, cuz resolutions are easier to break than goals and targets… In life, there are always distractions, so I listed them down: MP3? GAMES (I am referring […]

  • Orgy Nights with Blue8118: Night 1

    Despite the catchy title, it is not. Nathalia touched down in Singapore on Friday. Brennan tried to jio people on Plurk to go to the airport to see her coming. But apparently, it was only me and him. Brennan was comical at the airport. He was literally running to the arrival hall. I had to […]