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  • Listening to Music Online

    Ever since I last reformatted my hard disk a couple of weeks back, I have yet to restore my old library of songs for a good reason, the library is getting stale. I have decided to start my library fro scratch. In the meantime, I am streaming my music fix from the Internet, chiefly from…

  • Taking a break from all the shuffle and hassle.

    Taking a break from all the shuffle and hassle.

    The world is spinning round and round. Nothing is going to stop for you. Time and time waits for no man. But yet like robots, continuous work will break you down. Enjoy! Everyday I’m shuffling!

  • Music Progression

    Music Progression

    I had another draft regarding my interest in choral music. I decided to trash it since it was becoming more of a recounting post. I try to keep it brief here. I always wanted to be in choir ever since primary school right after a performance my primary school choir put up during an assembly.…