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  • Asimov Predicted The Impact of Internet 25 Years Ago

    Asimov Predicted The Impact of Internet 25 Years Ago

    Someone just uploaded a video of an interview of Isaac Asimov (the author of I, Robot and Minority Report) talking about the impact of Internet. Through this machine, for the first time we are able to have one to one relationship between the information source and the information consumer. …  Everyone can have a teacher […]

  • Plurk 1: Microsoft 0

    Microsoft has suspended a new internet messaging service in China, after it emerged that the site was partially based on code stolen from a rival startup. The site, Juku, launched in November is similar in concept to other online messaging systems like Twitter. But earlier this week the team behindPlurk, a young internet company based in […]

  • Twitter in Class

    How cool is it to have Twitter as a class discussion tool? I would not mind trying it out, but that is only if the majority of the class is willing to take part in this experiment. One professor in UT Dallas actually did this experiment, and it worked in a classroom environment. I am […]