Exams are over!

Yeah!!!  OK. This set of exams was over 2 days ago. I screwed my last paper. I was tired from doing duty for four days. I didn’t know my limit. Now I know better. Still, I could answer all the questions and hopefully all the papers have a pass grade printed on my report card. Anyway, all I can do is to wait for the results. In the meantime, I am hunting for scholarships for SMU. My mum said only 1/8th of the applicants are successful. Stressed. Well, another challenge for me.

Recently, my Facebook got a small mushroom of activities, all YJC related. Jogathon 2009 is here. I was contacted by the teacher-in-charge, Mr Toh Shi Hua for a request on posting a message on the largest YJC group (over 1.5k members by far) I am administering. There were plenty of unsolicited messages before. Hence, I stated that any of such message would be removed. (I recently edited it to unrelated to school.) In addition of adding this information provided to the group, I created an event for it too. Hopefully, some alumni will still come despite that it will be on a Friday. Please, there is at least a month of advance notification. The result of this: friend requests from people I don’t really know and more messages to my bloated inbox (I don’t practice deleting messages. Facebook gives us unlimited space. Why waste it?). I am attending it, if you guys want to know.

I recently upgraded my blog to the latest version. It was not exactly a painless process. I had to manually update the files as the automated script went bonkers somehow. In the process, I had to recreate the configuration file as I accidentally deleted the old one. While doing this, I checked my Nuffnang (I didn’t check for ages). I was surprised that there are ads running on my blog. Gee… Thanks!

To end of, here is a MV hosted on Youtube:

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