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  • Be content of where you are…

    Be content of where you are…

    And make the best out of it. So far, my choices of schools were not my first. Monk’s Hill was the top choice only because of my poor grades, so was Yishun Junior College. Now I am in SMU SIS, my third overall choice for a university course. Nonetheless, I am trying to make the […]

  • Celebrating Values Day 2010

    It is here again. Honestly, this is the only event that gets me excited as an alumnus of YJC. 😀 Tickets are priced at $10/-. They can be bought at the event itself or from any existing YJCians, students and teachers alike. If you see any YJCians on the street, stop them and ask for […]

  • Jogathon @ MacRitchie

    In one of the earlier post, I mentioned about the upcoming Jogathon. I forgotten to post up the details of the event. I am lazy to phrase everything in my own words (my JC GP tutors are going to kill me :-P), so here is the word for word version: Dear friends and alumni, We […]