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Those who are in my friend list on Facebook know that I am an avid sharer, sharing YouTube videos, interesting news, constant status updates, all just to distract them.

Just kidding.

Anyway, there is a new application in town! Not exactly an application, rather, a website: PostPost.com. This is the browser version of Flipboard.

In their words:

PostPost is a news aggregator for the social generation, and collates the articles, videos, and photos your friends have found interesting enough to post. It features advanced search technology powered by yolink where users can search deeply within all of their news articles across disparate sources.

Facebook newsfeed helps you learn more about your friends, whereas PostPost helps you learn from your friends.

I have been utilising this tool over the weekend, ever since I discovered it by chance in my blog statistics incoming link. It updates in real-time, or least as fast as what Facebook’s API allows. Give it a try and and I promise you that you will be hooked even further into Facebook.

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