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  • Barbarella and her weather forecast

    Before MDA or Mediacorp decides to pull the video off Youtube, watch it. For people who cannot view YouTube videos, here is the line: “Oh, my arm says that the rain won’t come today. … But my boyfriend will come tonight. … … Twice! (bimbo pose)” SEXEHH!

  • Of: Suicide Note

    Of: Suicide Note

    Bell Zeller, a fantastic programmer, committed suicide early last month. Being someone who does not have friends committing suicide (as if I want them to), it is kind of detached for me to feel sad. Not until you read a suicide note written with much intensity. It was succinct, even when the note is 4000…

  • Of: PostPost.com

    Of: PostPost.com

    Those who are in my friend list on Facebook know that I am an avid sharer, sharing YouTube videos, interesting news, constant status updates, all just to distract them. Just kidding. Anyway, there is a new application in town! Not exactly an application, rather, a website: PostPost.com. This is the browser version of Flipboard. In…