Trip to Bandung – Day One

End May, I went to Bandung, Indonesia on a choir trip with SMU Chamber Choir. It was an eye opener.


30 May 2010 – The time was 9.30am. I arrived at Changi Airport 30 minutes late. I was not the only one, but still it was bad to be late. Everyone was gathering and feeling nervous. By being late, I was just adding oil to the fire.

In the departure hall, we had our last moments of fun before flying off. Candee and some others came to see us off.

D47 was the gate which we departed Singapore from. Coincidentally, D47 was the gate which we arrived at on the last day too.

There was some delays at the gate, so those will cameras decided to whip out their weapons. (Left: the unwilling one. Right: the willing one)

We took AirAsia to Bandung. It was a quiet ride. I was actually studying my scores and music since I was not really familiar with the songs. Others were simply having fun.


After the short flight, we landed in Indonesia. In fact, the first impulse was to get a local pre-paid SIM card for my phone. It was cheaper to do so. I do not want to see an expensive phone bill.

We had to take a bus ride to the final destination. Along the way, there was many interesting sights such as the old railway line that the Dutch built when Bandung was still under their rule. We also saw many stuff that we have learnt throughout our education such as the slash and burn method. The method was used to rid the land of the leftovers of previous harvest or foliage in preparation of the next season.

As we had a tight schedule, we went straight to the church for the combined rehearsal with our partnering choir. We were busy till the point that we had our first dinner in a takeaway!

After the exhuasting rehearsal, we went back to our hotel. Beds! G’Night!

Photo credits: Me, Gladys and Jonathan.

Day 2 will be up soon!

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