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  • SMU Convocation 2013: After thoughts

    SMU Convocation 2013: After thoughts

    It is now 2.38 AM, 17 August 2013. 4.5 hours after the end of Convocation 2013 and the start of a brand new day. I wonder if it is the Panadol dosage I had given myself at the start of the day and the middle of day, 4 pills in all; 2000mg worth of paracetamol,…

  • Trip to Bandung – Day One

    End May, I went to Bandung, Indonesia on a choir trip with SMU Chamber Choir. It was an eye opener. Singapore 30 May 2010 – The time was 9.30am. I arrived at Changi Airport 30 minutes late. I was not the only one, but still it was bad to be late. Everyone was gathering and…

  • So they say

    Abandon entouré d’abandon,  tendresse touchant aux tendresses…  C’est ton intérieur qui sans cesse  se caresse, dirait-on; se caresse en soi-même,  par son propre reflet éclairé.  Ainsi tu inventes le thème  du Narcisse exaucé. Morten Lauridsen