Tag: Hospitality/Recreation

  • Trip to Bandung – Day One

    End May, I went to Bandung, Indonesia on a choir trip with SMU Chamber Choir. It was an eye opener. Singapore 30 May 2010 – The time was 9.30am. I arrived at Changi Airport 30 minutes late. I was not the only one, but still it was bad to be late. Everyone was gathering and […]

  • Shodoku: Street of Japan – Hereen Outlet

    I managed to eat at Shodoku: Street of Japan outlet at Hereen 3 days back. My superior treated me to lunch there, otherwise I would not be going there. It took over Marche premises and adopted the same concept of having a central ordering area. The concept does not work as well as Marche, in […]

  • Sinful weekend

    Despite of going to East Coast Park for another 2-hour long non-stop cycling, I think I have put on weight instead of losing them again. Saturday – Cousin’s 21st birthday. Burp! Cycling from the Kite Runners to halfway point of the Changi Coast Park Connector and back (app. 20KM again). Sunday – My dad bought […]