Hectic Days

Ever since I joined the current company (which is not long), I do not have time to blog. At work, it is never ending. When cleared with one request, there is another queuing up from nowhere. Sometimes, I have to face the ones requesting since some are working on the same floor. All are quite friendly in their own ways, just that due to having different responsibilities and some miscommunications here and there, there may have an ocassional conflicts. But all conflicts are resolvable. 
My work ends at around 6. Even after that, I still cannot rest. There are night lessons to attend. From an already tiring job, transiting to mind numbing sessions at night, my brain is, more often than not, fried at 11pm. Too tired to work, too tired to think. I just have to count my blessings that I still can chalk at least 6 hours of sleep each day. However, I am not able to find time to work out except on weekends. How am I going to loose weight and fats like this? Sigh… 


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