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  • Perk of working

      Many times in the day, we would have felt dejected and unappreciated at work. However, there are occasions when we do feel appreciated and loved at work. Me and my friend were processing applications at an undisclosed institution when we saw this Post-itTM note pasted on the front of the supporting documents that she […]

  • Hectic Days

    Ever since I joined the current company (which is not long), I do not have time to blog. At work, it is never ending. When cleared with one request, there is another queuing up from nowhere. Sometimes, I have to face the ones requesting since some are working on the same floor. All are quite […]

  • Work Politics

    When I was assigned to my current responsibilities, I thought everything was simple and would be smooth sailing. It was otherwise. I recently had to work with one guy on polishing up and correcting on our work flow. The outcome was 2 weeks worth of hard work on my part, while, to give some credit, […]