Carnival: YJC CVD 2009


It is the annual event from Yishun Junior College, my alma mater. This fun fair used to be an event to “open the house” to prospective students along with the rationale of “celebrating” values (I wonder how we did it still). Last year’s CVD was memorable, because it marked the start of a relationship that ended months later.

Anyway, it will be a fun-filled event, with many different stores around trying to outdo each other in terms of creativity, attractiveness and business sense.

Each ticket costs $10 and can be obtain through the following means.

  1. Log on to Facebook and search for any current YJCian and ask for a ticket. It will help their sales. ^.^
  2. Contact any alma mater you know (screams, ME!) and arrange for a ticket or two.
  3. Go down to the school on the day itself and get the ticket!


In my experience, one ticket is not enough. You will need at least two. I already gotten one from my sister and another from my cousin. For those who wants to bookmark this event in their Facebook, click on this Event page link and mark yourself as “Attending”.  The following is a map of how to go to YJC from Yishun MRT station. For the street smarts, you can try cutting through the HDB blocks.

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