Tag: Celebrating Values Day

  • Celebrating Values Day 2010

    It is here again. Honestly, this is the only event that gets me excited as an alumnus of YJC. 😀 Tickets are priced at $10/-. They can be bought at the event itself or from any existing YJCians, students and teachers alike. If you see any YJCians on the street, stop them and ask for […]

  • Carnival: YJC CVD 2009 – Afterthoughts

    I went back to YJC at 1pm. I was lazy to walked to school, so I took a bus there instead. I do have a concession to utilise. I met Wen Song at General Office, then Jeremy and Took Yao (did I spell correctly). I then realised that it will be a day of reunion. […]

  • Carnival: YJC CVD 2009

    It is the annual event from Yishun Junior College, my alma mater. This fun fair used to be an event to “open the house” to prospective students along with the rationale of “celebrating” values (I wonder how we did it still). Last year’s CVD was memorable, because it marked the start of a relationship that […]