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  • So sad, good things don’t last. RIP MJ

    Twitter, Plurk, Facebook were buzzing with the news of Michael Jackson’s death. I was at first sceptic about it. Hey, a King, or King of Pop don’t just drop dead like that, but he was only human It was only when I linked on all the links (like after 12 hours from the initial out […]

  • SYF JC Choir Central Judging 2009

    Today, I went to Victoria Concert Hall to participate in the event as an audience, along with Carol. We got the tickets from YJC. Each school has to sing 3 pieces, one of which is a set piece, and the other 2, choice pieces. After 3 schools, I realised how boring can it get with […]

  • Life: Distractions

    I was sitting down at Suntec Convention Centre Starbucks mapping out his goals for the years. It was supposedly New Year’s resolutions. But I don’t believe in such thing, cuz resolutions are easier to break than goals and targets… In life, there are always distractions, so I listed them down: MP3? GAMES (I am referring […]