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  • [Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

    [Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

    Technology refuses to cease to amaze us. Below is an updated guide to configuring your devices to the email server. The previous version may still be relevant but is not maintained. Notes: This guide is used as it is. There are parts of the guide I have yet to test out, however have been found […]

  • 14 days before birthday

    This post is originally scheduled to be written exactly 30 days before my 22nd birthday. Apparently, it is not to be the case. I have gotten rather busy with school and the whatsnot. To add, I have to remind myself that there are still many posts that I have yet to write. Opps. My 21st […]

  • [Advertorial] Nokia The Rookie

    I seldom watch television, sans the shows I watch on my laptop. So it is rare to catch The Celebrity Apprentice on Channel 5 on the Sunday that just past. Ok, what am i talking about! Wrong focus! Opps.   The Nokia The Rookie emulates the rules set in The Apprentice. The shows is currently […]