14 days before birthday

This post is originally scheduled to be written exactly 30 days before my 22nd birthday. Apparently, it is not to be the case. I have gotten rather busy with school and the whatsnot. To add, I have to remind myself that there are still many posts that I have yet to write. Opps.

My 21st birthday was rather an uneventful one. At least the first half was, I spent my time in camp. Eventful part started when I claimed back my Identity Card from my unit’s HRMC on 15th December 2009. Bye bye, army life. I served an extra day by my choice. I collected my IC late due to clashes with my ACCA exam schedule. I did not want to distract myself during the exams, and I was not really liking the idea of travelling all the way to the west just to collect the IC when time couldbe spend better on studying.

I had two weeks of rest before getting a temp job with Singtel.The job lasted for about three months. At there, I really did learn a lot. It was a steep learning curve. I had to learn about the advanced functions that Excel to offer. I had to know the portfolio and the products. I had fun too. I made friends.

Half-way through the job, I was actually getting restless. I decided to join SMU Chamber Choir as a way for me to be free. I made new friends there too. During the trip to Bandung, current bonds were strengthened, new bonds were formed too! The Wrinkles in the Air concert that was done earlier this year brought back memories and had me arrived that a concrete reason on why I joined choir. It was also because of choir, I am currently in Project B.O.B and will also be volunteering for the Youth Olympics Games that will be held in August.

Straight after that, I went to work for SMU Admissions Office for a short two weeks. It was rather a boring job with all the paperwork, filings and interviews. On hindsight, it was a great place to make new school friends. My fellow temp workers there are also NSMen who are entering SMU too. After that two weeks, I went for summer modules. I signed up for two: Technology and World Change (TWC) and Intercultural Communications (ICC). TWC was a fun module to do. Despite of having more than half the class being Year 0s, there was much friendly competitions. It was also a time for me to make new friends and rediscover old ones. ICC is currently ongoing. I shall not comment much on the module, except that it is a rather great module to take too.

During my two years in National Service, the social media scene has changed much. My initial exposure to the local online community came from Ping.sg. From that exposure, I came to know SMU Chamber Choir (Sylvia was the one who dragged me in). Through that exposure, I made friends who are now residing across the international borders. However, for the first half of the past one year, I was not as active as I was for the later half of the year. My first social media event that I attended was Panasonic’s Eco-Ideas Press Release. Weeks later, it was Skype’s blogger outreach I went for the Microsoft Office 2010 public launch too. Admittedly, it was a rather terrible idea to do so. Given sufficient time, I am really inclined to attend more of such events in the future. (hint hint. xD)

What do I really want for my 22nd year of existence? Well, there is already a hint. xD Seriously, other than that, I do not know. I probably will not know. I am blessed to have a great life here in Singapore. I am blessed with having my family and friends with me. I am blessed to have want I need. I am blessed to have my music with me (yes, music). No, I am not aligned to any faith, if that is what you are thinking. If you are getting me something, do surprise me. Thanks! Oh, I will be spending my birthday night with Project B.O.B peeps at Jurong Point! Do come down and support us on 24th July! We will be having huge balloon sculptures! All money donated will goes to En Community Service to help the needy children!

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