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  • New wallpaper

    New wallpaper

    For days, in fact, months, the Balloon Bliss group outing photo was my wallpaper. Now, on a wimp, I have decided to refresh the wallpaper. Balloons are distracting me. Wallpaper image taken from Lifehacker Wuala group. P.S. In case you do not know what Wuala is, read here. P.P.S. In case you want to create […]

  • [Alert!] Fake Nikon Giveaway on Facebook

    The following is just a rehash of what I have posted on my Facebook wall. It simply highlights the danger of liking random pages. Consider this a public service announcement. There is a “Nikon camera giveaway” (note the quotation marks) on Facebook (http://guyinawindchair.com/nikon/). It is a scam. Do not like not it. If you have, […]

  • Light Stencils

    Light Stencils

    Kudos to furryphotos for exposing me to light stencilling on Plurk. It is a photography technique whereby the photographer manipulate exposure settings, lighting conditions, and together with self-made dies to create really nice pictures. There is a tutorial on light stencilling on Deviant Art. You can view more of light stencils on Flickr by searching […]