Tag: Hospitality/Recreation

  • Hectic Days

    Ever since I joined the current company (which is not long), I do not have time to blog. At work, it is never ending. When cleared with one request, there is another queuing up from nowhere. Sometimes, I have to face the ones requesting since some are working on the same floor. All are quite…

  • City Square Mall Shuttle Service Experience

    Update (24 June 2014): Didn’t know that City Square Mall has a media company now to manage its online presence. But any, I was recently contact by them over the availability of the shuttle service. City Square Mall no longer has any shuttle services being offered to mall goers. The public is advised to make their…

  • [Facebook Video] How to get out of a Boring lecture… THE POWER RANGERS’ STYLE!!!

    From an hour of lurking in Facebook: Universities are sure boring… First a prank from NTU, now another prank from another… I won’t be surprised if this gets STOMP-ed like NTU’s. OK, back to sleep. Intensive study is on when I wake up! P.S. I accidentally deleted this post… Morning blues… Sorry.