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  • Websites maintenance

    Websites maintenance

    Cherlynn’s website was hacked on Boxer’s Day. She messaged me while I was about to pack up and leave school for dinner with a friend, saying that she could not access her WordPress backend as usual. I went into overdrive and access to her cPanel directly. I did not have the site checked out until I…

  • Abraham Lincoln’s Quote as Facebook Cover Picture

    Abraham Lincoln’s Quote as Facebook Cover Picture

    I was reading Advice: What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given? and the answers. London Rook’s answer strikes me the most as it reminded me of a Chinese parable of one waiting by a tree for a rabbit to be struck by the tree after watching one foolishly did that. Chinar Radke‘s subsequent comment to that answer led me…

  • Samsung Singapore’s Facebook slip

    Samsung Singapore’s Facebook slip

    Usually, I can’t be bothered with who post up complaints on SingTel as they are usually the same types. It is only this particular morning when I noticed someone who used Samsung Singapore’s account to post on SingTel’s wall… It was deleted moments later, but posted under someone whose name is Peter Lim. A quick…