Abraham Lincoln’s Quote as Facebook Cover Picture

I was reading Advice: What is the worst advice you’ve ever been given? and the answers. London Rook’s answer strikes me the most as it reminded me of a Chinese parable of one waiting by a tree for a rabbit to be struck by the tree after watching one foolishly did that.

Chinar Radke‘s subsequent comment to that answer led me to a quote by Abraham Lincoln:

Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Simply put, we get to enjoy the fruits of our own labour. No doing anything, hoping for rewards is virtually impossible. Even striking a lottery who require the winner to make an effort to buy the winning ticket.
Here is a Facebook cover picture that I cobbled up, hoping to remind oneself (yes, narcissist much I am) and those who visit my Facebook profile page would be remind of fruitful labours.


Back to the Chinese parable. It became an idiom which most Chinese students would come to learn: 守株待兔.
During the Song Dynasty, there was a farmer who had a farmland with a large tree. One day while working on the land, he observed a rabbit which suddenly running towards the land, violently crashing into that large tree and dead with a fractured neck. That farmer went over and picked the now dead rabbit, excited said, “I didn’t have to put in my efforts and yet pick up such a prize. I can have a good meal when I return!” He then took the rabbit home. While walking back, he thought, “Lady Luck is certainly on my side. Who knows that tomorrow shall yield the same result as today! I shall not let go of this opportunity.”
On the second day, he went back to the land, not to till, but to wait by that large tree, waiting for another rabbit crashing into it. The day ended without any happenings. He was however unhappy and from then on, waited for another rabbit day after day. Naturally, his farmland became choke full of weed and he had yet to collect another rabbit from the tree.
Note: anyone can download the image and use it on their own Facebook page/profile or anywhere else.
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