Of stay overs and BBQ

Last night was the first time which there was an attempt to have a batch-wide BBQ session at Costa Sands Resort at Pasir Ris. The night before, I had a rather impromptu stay over at a friend’s house with the rest of the 8th SAAT Exco.

After the BBQ session ended, I decided to stay over at the chalet along with the host, and I was suddenly struck by the sight of secondary school (I think) students in the chalet grounds. I was reminded of the only time when I had a class chalet with my JC class. I missed those days. I missed the fact that bonding activities were mainly the responsibilities of the students and students being totally driven by them. I missed the fact that everyone had nothing to shared about their past, but much about their future during the HTHT (heart-to-heart talk) sessions. I missed the fact that we were young then, young once.

Despite looking younger than what I am (at least, that was what my FTB freshies and the freshies from META camp this year told me), I do feel old, especially when mixed around with the forever young freshman year on year.

Am I looking forward to tomorrow? Maybe, at least just for what unknown it holds for me.

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