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  • Of stay overs and BBQ

    Last night was the first time which there was an attempt to have a batch-wide BBQ session at Costa Sands Resort at Pasir Ris. The night before, I had a rather impromptu stay over at a friend’s house with the rest of the 8th SAAT Exco. After the BBQ session ended, I decided to stay…

  • Moments of clarity

    Don’t you always have this moment of clarity of what you should do and what should have been done, and then it is gone in the next moment?  😕 I do. And I think I just got one, moments ago…

  • No Rest For The Weary

    The following text is a random piece I have thought up within 20 minutes in school before chasing for the last bus. It is nothing fanciful, nothing spectacular, but just an expression of my current thoughts, feelings and mood.