What is it like…

To go back to the days when Facebook is not the primary mode of communication?

Admittedly, the website has invaded in most aspects of my life. I am constantly on Facebook via an array of devices. I receive notification alerts on my iPod Touch; I receive email notifications through my GMail account. I chat with my friends via Facebook Chat. When I am off the site, I am constantly online on Facebook Chat still via the primary browser that I am using: Rockmelt. I am constantly connected with my friends via my newfeed stream; constantly chatting and sharing with groups/cliques via ‘secret’ groups.

The list goes on.

However, a new friend has brought that invasion to a halt. She does not have a Facebook account, even though she is a tad younger than me. *Cues music from suspense film* Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, one may argue that she is not keeping up with the times. *Look! EVERYONE is using Facebook! Who doesn’t?!* Her. Anyway whatever the reasons (DISTRACTIONS), what this brought about is a new-found curiosity. Admittedly, I would usually look at the profile of a new ‘friend’ on Facebook. Come on, who does not? Ain’t everyone curious about the others.

With Facebook, we know the past of the ‘friend’ without asking him/her about it. We know everything: “Who s/he went out with often?”, what are her likes and dislikes, what is her personality like, the list can go on. Without Facebook, we do not know about a new friend. Note: the lack of quotation marks. Not that I am defining who are friends or not here. I have great Facebook friends who are great off-line friends as well. Before I digress further… Without Facebook, making a friend becomes more active, more participatory. We ask for more information, learn what are the out-of-bounds, understanding the intrinsic motivations to act and emote her personality, learn how to be a better friend.

In my ending note: I am enjoying the process.


P.S. The newfound friend does have a presence online, Twitter and blog, and no, she is not behind times.


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