Dirty play, Haiti. Dirty play.

Yes, this is a bias commentary. I am a Singaporean and proud of our Cubs playing well and trying to maintain a fair game.

Before Haiti scored the first goal, every minute was electrifying. The ball passes, interceptions, tackles.

After Haiti scored in the last few minutes of the first half, everything just went south.

Haiti players decided to hold out for the time to end. Fair enough, it is tactic by the leading team to prevent the other team from scoring in any sports. However, Haiti players took it just too far. What is with the deal all the acts of falling all over the places, dancing while the game is still on-going, pretending that it is a free kick when it is supposed to be a throw-in and deliberate time-wasting at the penalty kick?

I have to agree to several tweets, one of which I will display here:

The Haitian coach should never have taught his players to be a gang of actors & deceits. That’s not how you teach children. #YOG Soccer

Young minds are impressionable. I will not blame the kids for using such strategy. I blame the coach for not teaching them the correct way to play. This is not the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games.

Lastly, as much as I am mad against Haiti for display such terrible sportsmanship, I implore fellow Singaporeans not to drag the Haiti Earthquake into your online boo-ing of Haiti team. Both are separate issues and should not be mixed together:

if u say they played dirty, then we should not stoop to their level & show lack of sportsmanship by talking about e earthquake #Haiti #YOG

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