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  • The modern day Forrest Grump

    OK, the title is a bit overrated. Anyway, there is this guy in Europe who completed a marathon per day for the past one year, beating the previous record of 52 consecutive marathon runs. He averages four hours per session, and 2hrs 56 minutes for his shortest. Stefaan Engels, dubbed “Marathon Man”, began his challenge […]

  • Dirty play, Haiti. Dirty play.

    Yes, this is a bias commentary. I am a Singaporean and proud of our Cubs playing well and trying to maintain a fair game. Before Haiti scored the first goal, every minute was electrifying. The ball passes, interceptions, tackles. After Haiti scored in the last few minutes of the first half, everything just went south. […]

  • Youth Olympic Games

    Youth Olympic Games

    For the past one week, while my peers are busy with their confusing lectures and notes, I was enjoying my time at Kallang Tennis Centre. I missed out Vivace for YOG; I missed out bonding time with schoolmates for YOG. However, the takeaway from the place was more friends and memories. Really, I do treasure […]