Recommended: Top 10 Tips for Surviving Office Life

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Office Life

Lifehacker has compiled tips that they consider essential for surviving office life. Working in an office for a short three months, I can’t help but to agree with most of the tips in the article. If you have any other tips, feel free to post them in the Lifehacker post.

In reverse order:

  • Have Someone Else Do Your Handicapping
  • Ask Others to Be Creative Without Putting It That Way
  • Leave Without Burning Bridges
  • Get Around or Work Beyond Lame IT Restrictions
  • Ease Into Small Talk with Anybody
  • Consider the Realities of Telecommuting
  • Crank Out Important Stuff Before Email Does You In
  • Avoid Email Annoyances and Red Flags
  • Make Your Physical Space Much Better with Small Changes
  • Ignore People – Seriously

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