[Deprecated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

For Exchange Activesync enabled phones

How to know if your phone is enabled

Check your mail setup options. If there is Microsoft Exchange server option listed, then your phone is one. iPhone settings are below.

Instructional steps are once again taken from the help files. This time, they are tried and tested on my Samsung OmniaPro B7330. It runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional OS. Samsung BlackJack II was the example used in the help files. And no, you need not have to have AT&T line. Singtel, Starhub or M1 will do. xD

Set Up Exchange ActiveSync E-Mail on a Samsung BlackJack II

Topic Last Modified: 2009-12-15

You can set up e-mail on a Samsung Blackjack II from AT&T. If you have a different phone, see Mobile Phone Features.

How do I set up Exchange ActiveSync on a Samsung BlackJack II?
  1. Press Start > Messaging > Setup E-mail.
  2. Enter your e-mail address and password, and then press Next.
  3. Make sure the check box Try to get e-mail settings automatically from the Internet is selected, and then press Next.
  4. Your mobile phone will try to get settings from the Internet automatically. If this fails, press Next. Otherwise, go to step 9.
  5. Select Exchange server for Your e-mail provider, and then press Next twice.
  6. Enter your e-mail address (for example, [email protected]), and then press Next.
  7. Enter m.exchangelabs.com for your server address, and then press Next.
  8. Enter your user name (for example, [email protected]) and password, and then press Next.
  9. Select the check boxes for the type of items you want to view on your device, and then press Finish.
  10. Press OK when Exchange ActiveSync asks you to enforce policies on your phone. Policies let you set a password on your mobile phone and use a remote device wipe to clear all data from your mobile phone in case the phone is lost or stolen.

Curiously, iPhone has a separate set of instructions. They are tried and tested on a couple of iPhones that I have helped to configure. Once again, you do not need AT&T line.

Set Up Microsoft Exchange E-Mail on an Apple iPhone

Topic Last Modified: 2009-12-15

You can set up e-mail on an Apple iPhone from AT&T. If you have a different phone, see Mobile Phone Features.

How do I set up Exchange ActiveSync on an AT&T Apple iPhone?
  1. If this is the first e-mail account on your iPhone, tap Mail. Otherwise, tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.
  2. Tap Microsoft Exchange.
  3. Tap in the E-mail box and enter your full e-mail address (for example, [email protected]).
  4. Tap in the Username box and enter your full e-mail address again.
  5. Tap in the Password box and enter your password.
  6. Optionally, tap in the Description box and enter a short description for the account.
  7. Tap Next on the upper right corner of the screen.
  8. Tap in the Server box and enter m.outlook.com. If you are running software version 3.0, see below for instructions on how to find your server name.
  9. Tap Next.
  10. Choose the type of information you want to synchronize. By default, Mail, Calendar, and Contacts are all turned on. To turn off synchronization for a type of information, tap and slide the switch to OFF.
  11. Tap Save.
  12. If you’re prompted to create a new passcode, tap Continue and enter a numeric passcode. You’ll need to enter the passcode twice.Dd125429.Caution(en-us,EXCHSRVCS.140).gifCaution:If you tap Close, you’ll need to configure your passcode in the iPhone Settings application before you can view your information on your iPhone.

What else do I need to know?

  • If you are prompted to create a passcode and don’t create one, you won’t be able to send and receive e-mail.
  • The Apple iPhone running software version 3.0 requires you to use an alternate server name. To find that server name, sign in to your account at the following address: https://pod51000.outlook.com/owa/. After you sign in successfully, the address you entered will resolve to an address that contains the server name you need to use. For example, if the address resolves to https://pod51005.outlook.com/owa, enter pod51005.outlook.com for your server name.
  • SMU server name: pod51003.outlook.com/

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