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  • Switch Java versions on Mac OS X

    Note: At the time of writing, the OS in question is Mac OS X High Sierra 10.13.6. Mac OS X contains a rudimentary amount of developer tools underneath the shiny user interface. These packaged tools get outdated very fast, and developers are left scrambling to get the updated tools installed. Java, as a matter of […]

  • Free Mac OS 10.9 Maverick Upgrade

    Free Mac OS 10.9 Maverick Upgrade

    And so it is announced that Maverick is a free upgrade to current Mac OS 10.x users with eligible devices stretching all the way back to 2007. All the fanboys go “Hooray!” “Beat that, Microsoft!”. Not. Don’t get me wrong, I use Macbook Air and iPad. I used to use iPod touch, nano and shuffle. […]

  • [Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

    [Updated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

    Technology refuses to cease to amaze us. Below is an updated guide to configuring your devices to the email server. The previous version may still be relevant but is not maintained. Notes: This guide is used as it is. There are parts of the guide I have yet to test out, however have been found […]