[Deprecated] Unofficial guide to SMU Email Server

This guide is deprecated by a newer version.

This serves as a guide for new freshmen who are coming into SMU (Singapore Management University). I have matriculated early, and I know of the pain of not being able to sync my mails to my laptop and my mobile phone one day. This guide is for setting up the school email using Microsoft Exchange only. I will only provide the IMAP4 & POP settings only at the end of the guide. This is because different programs have different ways of entering the same data. This guide is not for current undergraduates or students or staff who are still using the old server.

The Exchange Server has been changed. Previously, the school server for all SMU students was EX21.student.smu.edu.sg. From this batch onwards, it has been changed to pod51XXX.outlook.com. I had a hard time getting the instructions from school IT helpdesk.

The guide goes:

  1. For Outlook 2007 Users
  2. For Entourage 2008 Users
  3. For all Microsoft Exchange enabled phones
  4. POP and IMAP servers and other information

If there is any errors or mistakes found, please post a comment below. I will see if there is a need to correct the guide.

P.S. I have search terms such as “Southern Methodist University“. If you have landed here due to such search terms, this guide is not targeted at you. I do not have the email configuration of this particular university.

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