I am a Singaporean blogger who acts indepedent of Singapore Government control

The debate between Fusion Garage and Tech Crunch over Crunchpad and Joo Joo has heated up to another level. Micheal Arrington has made a sweeping statement:

techcrunch - sweeping statement

Singapore indeed does not have a free go on what can be published on the press. What is deemed as unsavory to the local population at large is censored out or left out entirely. Minor foreign news are left on the editor’s desks for days at a stretch before being published out. But it is utterly false that Singapore Government controls the bloggers in Singapore as well. We do write stuff criticising the Government, the policies and infrastructure. We never did once receive any instructions to write stuff praising the Government or censor out any unsavory parts of the post (we do remove posts if they contravene with any law at any point in time).

Embarrassing parts just is not reported? Hm, so what do you want us to report?

Do your homework first before you generalise the entire local blogsphere. The same statements you make, Micheal, Arrington, can be made against you and your fellow American bloggers. Lastly, did you not say that there won’t be another more posts on Crunchpad coming from you or TechCrunch? Tsk tsk.

twitter - crunchpad

P.S. Singaporean bloggers, please join the Facebook group: I am a blogger in Singapore and I am NOT controlled by the government as a form of support. A blog post from you will also help to raise awareness on how wrong Micheal Arrington is.

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