Jogathon @ MacRitchie

In one of the earlier post, I mentioned about the upcoming Jogathon. I forgotten to post up the details of the event. I am lazy to phrase everything in my own words (my JC GP tutors are going to kill me :-P), so here is the word for word version:

Dear friends and alumni,

We are welcoming you back to the YJC family to join us in our annual Jogathon. We are also raising funds for college improvement programs to benefit future generations of YJCians. Do join us for a meaningful day of good fun and healthy living. We look forward to your presence and generous support!

Jogathon 09
Date: 3rd July 2009
Time: 330pm
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir

For all participation and donation enquiries, please contact Mr Toh Shihua at [email protected] or 62579873 ext. 353.

Edit: The Jogathon 09 got canceled due to the worsening of the H1N1 situation here in Singapore. I was kind of disappointed, but now looking forward to next year’s!

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