Concert: SMU Choir “Wrinkles in the Air To..”

Sylvia had kindly invited me to her university choir’s recital at a cost of $16. It is rather well paid though, since I will be going to SMU for my university education next year and was in choir since secondary school. (She is bent on recruiting me into the choir.) I was there with my fellow bloggers cum plurkers, namely,

  1. Daphne
  2. Hendri
  3. Krisandro
  4. Nathalia
  5. Xiao Ling (who happens to be my schoolmate in JC. I introduced her to Plurk. ^.^)
  6. Yanice

Before the concert, we had a dinner at MOF in Marina Square. I arrived there late, but ate dinner still. Xiao Ling commented that I still looked the same. It is a comment that has been said too many times. My appearance will never change. Even my primary school friends (who I rarely keep in contact with) bump into me on the street still recognise me.

We arrived at the Recital Studio just minutes before the show started. It started off with a song that meant to wow the audience. In my opinion, nice song, but the choir lacked the numbers and volume to use the song to the fullest extent. Still, it was interesting. The overall selection of songs was rather interesting. I usually listen or sing Latin or European pieces. This may possibly be my first time listening to Latin American pieces. It was refreshing.

My favourite piece is Come Again. The reason is just simply that I sang that song before. It is sweet and melodious. Yanice was trying to pull me to dance when I told them I sang that song, in my secondary school choir, before on one of the Plurk threads after the concert. How did dance ever come into the conversation anyway?

Well, immediately after the concert, Daphne, Kris, Hendri, Nathalia and me had a quick supper nearby. Kris and Hendri were playing with their iPhone and iTouch respectively. Some of the applets they loaded in their devices are ridiculously kiddish yet still enjoyable. They make a great ice-breaking tool, I think.

Below is a video of the song Come Again (not sang by SMUCC, but this is one of the better ones I could find on Youtube):

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