This blog is totally brand new. I am still not sure if I am to have my old entries transfered over here or keep it fresh or shift only some posts.

Anyway, as I am not quite free at the moment, I will only be able to update this blog parts by parts. Next to come up will be the theme.

7 responses to “Newborn”

    • Haha… Thanks for the compliment… It really takes up much time and effort to write in this manner. The carefree writings I used to have are probably cuz I didn't bother to blog properly. But with a permanent space on the Net, I guess everything has changed.

  1. Oh I just realized this is totally another blog you have..
    I think the one I used to frequent was the old one ๐Ÿ˜€

    anywayz, lost the url when my laptop browser died on me

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