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Month: August 2010

Dirty play, Haiti. Dirty play.

Dirty play, Haiti. Dirty play.

Yes, this is a bias commentary. I am a Singaporean and proud of our Cubs playing well and trying to maintain a fair game.

Before Haiti scored the first goal, every minute was electrifying. The ball passes, interceptions, tackles.

After Haiti scored in the last few minutes of the first half, everything just went south.

Haiti players decided to hold out for the time to end. Fair enough, it is tactic by the leading team to prevent the other team from scoring in any sports. However, Haiti players took it just too far. What is with the deal all the acts of falling all over the places, dancing while the game is still on-going, pretending that it is a free kick when it is supposed to be a throw-in and deliberate time-wasting at the penalty kick?

I have to agree to several tweets, one of which I will display here:

The Haitian coach should never have taught his players to be a gang of actors & deceits. That’s not how you teach children. #YOG Soccer

Young minds are impressionable. I will not blame the kids for using such strategy. I blame the coach for not teaching them the correct way to play. This is not the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games.

Lastly, as much as I am mad against Haiti for display such terrible sportsmanship, I implore fellow Singaporeans not to drag the Haiti Earthquake into your online boo-ing of Haiti team. Both are separate issues and should not be mixed together:

if u say they played dirty, then we should not stoop to their level & show lack of sportsmanship by talking about e earthquake #Haiti #YOG

Youth Olympic Games

Youth Olympic Games

For the past one week, while my peers are busy with their confusing lectures and notes, I was enjoying my time at Kallang Tennis Centre. I missed out Vivace for YOG; I missed out bonding time with schoolmates for YOG. However, the takeaway from the place was more friends and memories. Really, I do treasure them though short.

OK, back to studies. In the future, my posts will most probably as short as this. Sad smile


Be more aware about the technology you are using!

Be more aware about the technology you are using!

Otherwise you are just embarrassing yourself. theonlinecitizen has just posted, on Facebook, a Google News link on Youth Olympics Game and saying this:

virtually all of [the news reported are] from our local news outlets. The world doesn’t seem interested at all. But we’re spending almost S$400 million on it.

For propensity sake, a screenshot of the link:


On the first glance, this statement seems valid. I decided to click on that link and it does direct me to Google News:


Yes, most of the news reported are from our local news services. What is lacking is international news. I do remember that Google likes to display information that is relevant to individual regions or even nations. A quick surfing on Google yields this:

We have more than 60 regional editions of Google News in many different languages. To change editions when you’re on the Google News homepage, simply select your preferred edition from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Each edition is specifically tailored with news for that audience, and a full list of available editions can be found below. If we haven’t included the region or language you’re looking for, check back soon. Our goal is to offer Google News to all of our users throughout the world, so you can expect to see lots of additions over time.

This is not obscure from users of Google News. In fact, it is placed, though not very prominently, on the bottom of the landing page of the service:
We get to choose the appropriate news edition on that page. To be obscure, I tried Nigeria Google News Edition:

News from their local news providers appears at the top of the page too!

Moral of the story: Learn your tools of the trade before making a statement.


  1. This article is in no direct relations to me being a YOG volunteer. All views stated here are solely mine and none of YOG or any of its offices.
  2. This article is in no way to put down theonlinecitizen. I applaud for the efforts that theonlinecitizen has put in to provide an alternative view of Singapore. However, theonlinecitizen has to be reminded that being in the trade of publishing noteworthy news/content, it has to know the tools it uses.
Happy National Day, Singapore!

Happy National Day, Singapore!


Unlike others, I do not bother to change my header picture when comes to different holidays. Admittedly, it is partly due to laziness in creating them. That aside, like all other celebratory holidays, I feel that National Day is overhyped.

We do not need a day to celebrate our independence. Neither do we need an event to hype the mood up. All this should have been ingrained in all of us, citizens from young. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the patriotic spirit within us diminishes.

Ask any primary school student about National Day, he would probably recite everything from the National Anthem to the Shared Values to the Five Defences.

Ask any secondary school student about National Day, he would probably be thankful about the “free” holiday to play games.

Ask any adults about National Day, they would probably grumble about their money flying away.

Due to time constraints, I seldom watch the news. On Friday, I managed to catch a news snippet on Channel 8. It was about Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC) being the official chain of petrol kiosk to give out Singapore flags to drivers. These flags are to be placed on the outside of the windows. What was interesting was 3 out of the five being interviewed about this activity was this line, “The flags are free? OK, then I will put it up.” Go figure.

I know I should be putting up Corrinne May’s national song here. However recently, the songs for NDP are more than often not, misses. Oh well….

Image credit: SISS e-mailer. Just got back from camps, not time and mood to source for pictures actually. It just happened that the e-mailer just came in as I typed this post. This post has no relations with SISS of whatsoever. All commentary here is solely mine and mine alone.