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  • Plurk 1: Microsoft 0

    Microsoft has suspended a new internet messaging service in China, after it emerged that the site was partially based on code stolen from a rival startup. The site, Juku, launched in November is similar in concept to other online messaging systems like Twitter. But earlier this week the team behindPlurk, a young internet company based in…

  • People always say they’re ok. The truth is: They’re not.

    So should I say I am okay? via @clicktokill.

  • Twitter Updates for 2009-10-27

    @NiccoleChan Well… Good luck with it! 😀 in reply to NiccoleChan # I lost the ability to watch shows all night long. Looks like it is only 1 episode per day. Haix. The stress is slowly but surely doing me in # 500 ways of summer #oneletteroffmovies # @dk sleep first then eat? in reply…