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  • Twitter in Class

    How cool is it to have Twitter as a class discussion tool? I would not mind trying it out, but that is only if the majority of the class is willing to take part in this experiment. One professor in UT Dallas actually did this experiment, and it worked in a classroom environment. I am […]

  • Restored Account

    A few weeks back my Twitter account got phished (somehow. I have no idea at all). It was maddening at first, but I just had to shoot a help request to un-suspend my account. Over the week, I waited for action and it did came. My account is mine again and along with it there […]

  • Illustrated by clauds: How to have a baby.

    Thanks Hui Shan for the illustration on #sgtweet night. Text by Darryl. This is a sperm.   This is a sperm who found the egg.   This is what happens 9 months later.