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  • For Once, I Love Email Spam

    For once, I love email spam sent by the school. Admittedly, I am pretty much honoured to be mentioned by Prof Ong Siow Heng for my and the other school’s teams involvement in Accenture Gives: Skills To Succeed competition. πŸ™‚ I should document the journey that my team took till now. And yes, we are […]

  • Indancity: Beyond 2012

    I took a break from the usual coding sessions and went to watch a dance performance put up by Indancity, one of the leading dance groups from SMU, my first experience in watching a full length dance performance by fellow students. Contemporary and though provoking was how I felt when I sat through the entire […]

  • Of: Truth about Singapore Management University: Elitist, muggerish and overcompetitive

    Recently, an SMU graduate posted on Transitioning.org about his experience during his study. My response is in bold. Hi, I have graduated from SMU for almost three years. To be honest, I don’t have any sentimental or nostalgic feelings for the school. >> Hi, I am still reading Information Systems Management in SMU and will […]