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  • Meta Camp Trailer

    Meta Camp Trailer

    When I first entered SMU, the rah rah was done on the spot, in camps. Now? The the rah rah is done before, with video productions and all. SIS apparently does that too. I saw a rough copy before it is released. The only gripe back then was the font used. Other than that, it […]

  • Travelling free in the morning! Yeah… Right.

    Travelling free in the morning! Yeah… Right.

    Today marks the start of a pilot programme by the government to encourage commuters travelling to city for work to leave their houses early. Essentially, train commuters get to have their fares waived off 100% if they arrive at designated stations in the city area before 7.45am and 50c off the fare if they tapped […]

  • 8.15AM Classes From Next Semester Onwards

    I initially started off writing strongly against the email that was sent out earlier by the Vice-Provost about the adjustment in the morning class time slot from 8.30am – 11.45am to 8.15am – 11.30am. However, when I did the calculations it won me over. And oh, I still feel sore about the email on one […]