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  • [Facebook Video] How to get out of a Boring lecture… THE POWER RANGERS’ STYLE!!!

    From an hour of lurking in Facebook: Universities are sure boring… First a prank from NTU, now another prank from another… I won’t be surprised if this gets STOMP-ed like NTU’s. OK, back to sleep. Intensive study is on when I wake up! P.S. I accidentally deleted this post… Morning blues… Sorry.

  • Timetable!


    Years ago, I did a weekly timetable out of Excel from scratch to help me in my studies. I lost that softcopy since then. Now to help myself again, I have to waste some more time on re-creating the timetable. However instead of creating the template from scratch, I decided to “out-source” the template. I…

  • Concentration needed

    My lecturer just produced some frightening figures from last semester’s exam papers. Apparently, the four papers I am taking are among those with the lowest passing rate. Hence, it is time for me to drop my happy-go-lucky attitude from now on. My updates on the Net is increasingly rare and it will remain this way.…