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  • Logitech X100 Mobile Speaker Review

    Logitech X100 Mobile Speaker Review

    A while back, I received Logitech X100 Mobile Speaker, in cyan/green colour, for a review. The Mobile Speaker promises to deliver rocking sound that you can take anywhere. The Bluetooth speaker is ultra-light and portable. I could place it in my bag without feeling the weight. Then again, I was carrying a laptop and a […]

  • Tech on the Net: Cooliris & RecordTV

    Cooliris Cooliris, until 26th July 2012, was a service that allows you to run a gallery of photos and images right from your browser. Cooliris has now repurposed the 3D wall technology that it has been offering to the desktop users to the mobile domain. They no longer offer the functionality through the browsers, except […]

  • Review: Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

    A few weeks ago, I received Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for review. The keyboard is meant for iPad, and yet I readily accepted it since I had just acquired a loaned iPad unit from my FYP sponsor for development purpose anyway. The Ultrathin Keyboard is connects via Bluetooth to the iPad and promises six-month battery […]