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  • Blog Music

    One thing that ire most blog readers is having music suddenly blasting out when they enter a blog. In most situations, it is inappropriate. How are the readers going to explain to their teachers or bosses when they are supposed to be doing work? Or how will the readers apologise to fellow library users for…

  • Request for song

    I first joined choir when I was in Secondary School. It became an integrated part of my life soon. The first song I sang as a choir member was Ad Una Fresca Riva by Luca Marenzio. It was selected as the set piece for SAB choirs for SYF Central Judging (back when there was no…

  • Nodame Cantabile – Rhapsody In Blue

    Nodame Cantabile – Rhapsody In Blue

    The following is George Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue, melodica (pianica) version. The video is extracted from Nodame Cantabile live action drama. Enjoy! P.S. I would be grateful if somebody can lend me his/her copy of Nodame Orchestra LIVE! CD.