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One thing that ire most blog readers is having music suddenly blasting out when they enter a blog. In most situations, it is inappropriate. How are the readers going to explain to their teachers or bosses when they are supposed to be doing work? Or how will the readers apologise to fellow library users for the sudden organised noise being played? Such situation leaves the readers in embarrassment or even chided.

I also do not like having music blasting out when I am surfing the net. For most of the time, I already have iTunes streaming music from the newly acquired Western Digital My World network harddisk or from SMU Campus radio. I have to disable the sound produced from the browser using the sound mixer, a feature that is not available when I was using Windows XP though. If I am forgetful, I will have to scramble for the physical volume control. That is why now I am resorting to Google Reader. My main purpose in other blogs is to read and the Reader does a wonderful job of letting me read, without the bells and whistles, from anywhere.

To blog owners: Do not embed music that plays automatically. It sucks big time really. Not all readers have the same taste in music as you. If they do, you are just lucky.

Personally, there is only one blog I do not mind having the music being played upon loading. The blog belongs to Joc Teh, a JC friend. The songs selection is, fortunately, to my liking. :DDD Click on the screenshot below to view the playlist! By the way, do enjoy her posts too. 🙂

Mixpod - Joc Teh
Jocelyn's playlist

P.S. I use tagaroo plugin to generate relevant tags. And one tag came out: Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane. Reason: In the article in Wikipedia (I know I am not supposed to cite Wikipedia in formal works, but blogs aren’t. :P), the abbreviated name of the chemical compound is DDD. Just look at the smiley!

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