Tag: Exercise

  • Morning activity

    Upon finishing my new routine, morning runs and strengthening exercises, I made a mistake. I took the lift up back home too soon. My body is quite sensitive to motion immediately after runs, and the outcome can be me fainting over nothing. To prevent that from happening, I decided to try the concrete flooring on […]

  • Protest

    My muscles are protesting over this Chinese New Year period. On 初夕, my brother got me to do weights in the gym. And the bench press killed my triceps. Due to a lack of time, my brother decided to assisted me in lifting 15kg weights. Till on I still can feel the strain. Then on […]

  • Sinful weekend

    Despite of going to East Coast Park for another 2-hour long non-stop cycling, I think I have put on weight instead of losing them again. Saturday – Cousin’s 21st birthday. Burp! Cycling from the Kite Runners to halfway point of the Changi Coast Park Connector and back (app. 20KM again). Sunday – My dad bought […]