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  • [Advertorial] Nokia The Rookie

    I seldom watch television, sans the shows I watch on my laptop. So it is rare to catch The Celebrity Apprentice on Channel 5 on the Sunday that just past. Ok, what am i talking about! Wrong focus! Opps.   The Nokia The Rookie emulates the rules set in The Apprentice. The shows is currently…

  • Geek plan

    A LCD monitor Wireless keyboard + mouse Bonus: A mini desktop or a docking station Bonus: A print server Whatever needed accessories for the laptop Blackberry. Wonders if SMU allows pushing of email to BB. hmm.. What else did I miss out?

  • Woopra Chat

    Recently, I have used Woopra as my forth statistic tool for this blog. Yes I am that manic about stats. Anyway, Woopra is one kick-ass program. It uses the usual javascript codings and Java to deliver real-time statistics straight on the desktop. I get a kick from looking at the pinging dots on the world map, which…