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  • Of: Releasing funds from dormant accounts for charitable uses

    Of: Releasing funds from dormant accounts for charitable uses

    And commenters on Facebook went ape-shit. Reading the article on CNA’s website, I would say it is just poor reporting: Nominated Member of Parliament Laurence Lien on Monday (July 7) suggested to the Finance Ministry and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to consider releasing the funds in dormant accounts for charitable uses, in order […]

  • Project Reach Causathon

    Project Reach Causathon

    Once again, Daphne of XPR has invited me to partake in another event. This time, it is one of a social cause, or rather, social causes. Causathon is a portmanteau of ’cause’ and ‘marathon’ to signify that the race for cause is one long journey. Our destination is World Peace. There are 85 SMa students […]

  • Help the family of the guy who died in the freak accident!

    Recall the recent news article of a guy being dead from a freak accident involving a crane and a bus? Well, apparently the guy, Ahmad Lispa who died was profiled in RenovAID, a corporate social responsibility outreach program by Mediacorp. I am not a fan of the telly. However, from what I do know, this […]