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  • Tornado-ed


    Being random and bored (Yes, I am bored in the midst of examinations), my interest in arcade perked up when this post came up in my Facebook newsfeed: What is Taiko no Tatsujin? I am not familiar with Japanese names of the games, being a visual person, Flickr comes up with this image: Anyway, I […]

  • [AoTW] MiChi

    [AoTW] MiChi

    I was listening to Maerong Radio and this rare singer came up. Why rare? Cuz the radio is currently on to the Korean craze. Not that I am complaining though, however good songs must be shared. ­čÖé MiChi is of British-Japanese decent. She has lived a fair bit in both countries and that explains her […]

  • Plurk 1: Microsoft 0

    Microsoft has suspended a new┬áinternet messaging service in China, after it emerged that the site was partially based on code stolen from a rival startup. The site, Juku, launched in November is similar in concept to other online messaging systems like Twitter. But earlier this week the team behindPlurk, a young internet company based in […]